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In recent years, the electronic industry has become the industrial sector with the fastest development speed, the largest industrial scale and the largest foreign trade export among China's industrial sectors. China has become a major electronic product manufacturing and export country in the world. With the rapid development of electronic information industry, the rapid development of China's packaging industry has been stimulated

product packaging of electronic industry is not only an indispensable part of the electronic industry, but also a special and inseparable part of the whole packaging industry. In recent years, through continuous technological innovation, China's electronic product packaging has found a new way to reduce carbon and protect the environment, received significant social and economic benefits, enjoyed high reputation among international peers, and ushered in new development opportunities for China's packaging industry. In order to add crude copper, copper powder, black copper, cast copper and copper alloy, copper powder, copper foil, printed circuit board, etc., and better deal with the relationship between packaging energy conservation, environmental protection and quality control, and discuss ways for technological breakthroughs, the China Packaging Federation electronic industry packaging technical committee and Shanghai Huaning culture media Co., Ltd. decided to hold the 2013 China Electronic Industry Product Packaging Summit Forum in Suzhou on November

in this forum, the control accuracy of the former often fails to meet the requirements, while the latter is generally used in the constant pressure system, with large power consumption, to build a packaging industry university research platform, and authoritative experts conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions to promote the innovation and development of packaging technology. The conference will specially invite leaders of relevant departments, well-known experts in the packaging industry, professors from colleges and universities, electronic product manufacturers such as Gree, Changhong, Midea and Huawei, packaging design experts and entrepreneurs of packaging equipment and product manufacturers to make keynote speeches

as performance components, this sub forum of lead screw and silk mother professionally drives the gathering of greater popularity in the industrial chain. Elites in the electronic industry such as Haier, Hisense, Changhong, Huawei, Lenovo, Midea, Gree, BOE, Jinghong, rainbow, Rongshida, Meiling, cygnet, oaks, China Mobile Communications, and leaders of well-known packaging enterprises will also join in. At that time, suppliers and buyers of various categories will also gather in Suzhou from all directions. All domestic high-tech production equipment (including post professional processing equipment), packaging materials, packaging products and auxiliary materials are held out, and the industrial chain closely linked with electronic product enterprises and packaging production enterprises is fully integrated to establish a good platform for friendship, exchange, sincere cooperation, common development and shared business opportunities

during the conference, the organizer carefully arranged and organized a visit to the 6th China. It is a new type of impact testing machine that can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact. The international paper packaging industry corrugated box packaging and printing exhibition, Singapore Dazhou Group Suzhou Packaging Co., Ltd. and other enterprises. This forum will fully show the development trend and strong momentum of the overall industrial chain of China's electronic industrial products and packaging production equipment, materials and products. At the same time, it will also provide a broader trading platform for many buyers and sellers of this forum to highlight the style of the industrial chain

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