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Packaging enterprises are facing the dilemma of many and miscellaneous relevant regulations

when manufacturers are ready to sell products or expand the market, they will soon find that complex regulations will affect all aspects of their business, and it is not only a few countries that will happen whether these interfaces are loose, and so is China's packaging industry

the requirements for environmental protection in the packaging industry are increasing in quantity and category, which makes it more difficult for enterprises to use the same design for the same product packaging when selling products globally. Enterprises hope to have a global management regulation, standard loan handling rate and a unified form that can be reported to all packaging waste recycling organizations. However, it is not easy to achieve these

it is better to say that when selling products, manufacturers must understand the laws and regulations and the requirements for environmental protection, which are different in various countries and have great differences. Here are some of the most unsatisfactory differences and data analysis has become 10 points easier and simpler for reference

producer extension report

manufacturers must abide by the extended producer law implemented in most countries in the world. When the extended producer system of EU Member States just formed a system, the extended producer system project continued to advance. Now at least one or two countries in each continent are implementing the extended producer system

the extended producer system requires producers to issue a report on the packaging specified by the corresponding market and provide funds to deal with the packaging waste they produce to ensure that it is harmless to the environment. However, the intention is the same, countries have different definitions of concepts, and the management regulations that need to be reported are also different

to keep up with these changes, manufacturers need to consider establishing a comprehensive database and management system, as well as tracking the details of global control requirements

packaging design requirements and material prohibitions

environmental protection packaging design requirements and packaging material restrictions (or prohibitions) also have many differences for hammer handles equipped with handle sleeves. For example, the basic requirements for packaging in Europe include a set of requirements on source reduction, recycling, reuse, and minimizing harmful substances. Global manufacturers must pay attention to some special requirements in other sales regions

for example, some countries (such as Taiwan and South Korea) have clear regulations on the vacuum area and level of some types of packaging, while other countries prohibit or restrict the use of some or all materials and packaging types, such as South Korea restricts the use of PVC, and the United States prohibits the use of EPS

environmental labels and statements

just like setting limits on the use of materials and putting forward requirements for design, the regulations on the printing and statement of environmental labels in various countries and regions have changed greatly. However, it is impossible to specify these changes in this article. Manufacturers themselves should pay more attention to those obvious changes, especially when judging whether the use of worldwide environmental protection labels for a certain product is a feasible and effective choice, manufacturers should pay more attention to management regulations. The different types of products sold (food, cosmetics, drugs and others), the use of packaging materials and the selection of packaging component types are more determined by the market (like most plastic packaging vs. most wooden packaging). At the same time, if the enterprise is interested in passing on environmental protection information to its customers, the enterprise will decide whether to create regional labels and/or environmental protection statements or establish a global label system

a single solution can't meet the diverse requirements

when enterprises prepare to package the products they plan to distribute in various countries, only a few large multinational enterprises face the problem of many regulations and do not know what to do. When it is impossible to ensure that all laws and regulations are applied in the same way, enterprises need to pay close attention to the changes in regulations and correctly understand how they have adverse effects. The most important thing to do so is high truth, because the punishment for breaking the law and the price of being forced to modify the design are very large

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