The hottest packaging design tends to be humanized

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Packaging design tends to be humanized and rationalized

packaging design is reflected in sealing design, storage design, visibility design, pattern design, structure design and so on

the sealing design is reflected in the convenience of opening and closing, such as zipper bags, mouth bags, etc. Washing powder and detergent daily chemical products are powder or liquid, which are easy to absorb moisture or sprinkle when placed open. After opening, they are required to be sealed again. In the past, people would bind them with rubber bands, ropes, etc., or pour them into a container, which is more complex. Therefore, designing this kind of soft packaging bags as zipper bags or mouth bags, which can be used repeatedly without impact, will be greatly welcomed

the instability of storage design affecting the rotation of the pointer is rationalized in the convenience of storage, and self-supporting bags and composite hose packaging will become the mainstream. At present, liquid daily chemicals such as shampoo, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent and softener have gradually adopted this kind of packaging. The self-supporting bag packaging adopts the mouth adding method, which is convenient for dumping and storage; Composite hose has the characteristics of easy access and use, and will be more and more popular. Both self-supporting bags and composite hoses are aimed at chemicals with strong permeability. When selecting such packaging, the composite structure must be reasonably selected

visibility design refers to the transparent packaging that consumers like. Transparent packaging gives consumers a great sense of security and greatly improves their credibility. The transparency of packaging will be a highlight of the flexible packaging market. Flexible packaging bags can be made into completely transparent packaging or open window transparent packaging through printing or composite structure adjustment

pattern design should constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and advocate personalization and human culture. Different design forms can be adopted according to different consumer groups, and children should be lively and vivid; Old age should be calm and peaceful; Young and middle-aged people should be full of vitality. Both pattern design and color matching fully accelerate industrial agglomeration to reflect people's thoughts and ideas. In addition, the pattern design will be more concise, lively and rich in connotation

structural design advocates simplified packaging. According to the requirements of the contents, the structural design is carried out to meet the most basic requirements, so as to reduce the packaging cost, reduce unnecessary waste, and provide the lowest consumption

for sanitary products, such as toilet paper, sanitary napkins, 7. The tested materials should expose the metal body, infant diapers and other lightweight product packaging will be more inclined to single-layer packaging, avoiding composite packaging, and using PE surface printing directly or shrink film surface printing for simple packaging is the first choice for this kind of packaging

for multilayer composite products, try to use functional coextrusion film to reduce the number of compounding, reduce solvent residue and reduce pollution

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