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Packaging enterprises should keep up - Asia Pacific Senbo invested heavily in the construction of urban sewage reuse system

after the completion of the urban sewage reuse system, we can recover an average of 40000 tons of urban domestic sewage tail water that meets the standard after treatment every day, which not only improves the level of urban sewage treatment, but also greatly saves water resources, which is particularly important in northern water shortage areas. On May 21, Chen Dong, head of the environmental protection department of Asia Pacific Senbo (Shandong) pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., said with confidence

with the rapid development of economic and social undertakings, the supply and demand of water resources are also discussing the construction of a new low fuel consumption tire factory for Europe. The contradiction is becoming increasingly prominent, and the shortage of water resources has become a major constraint to economic and social development. Some people even put forward that the future war is to compete for water resources. I think I have found the direction of the war, which shows that water resources have become a bottleneck restricting economic and social development. Rizhao City is located in northern China, where water resources are scarce. Although there is no serious water shortage problem at present, with the implementation of major projects, people of insight are not worried about future water resources

as a developing country, our current situation is that on the one hand, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, on the other hand, a large number of treated urban sewage are continuously discharged into the river and sea, causing huge waste. Can the discharged sewage be treated again and recycled? Asia Pacific Senbo is making this far-reaching attempt

the total investment of the company's urban sewage reuse project is more than 60 million yuan. Drawing on the mature experience and technology of such projects in Singapore, following the principles of energy conservation, high efficiency, environmental friendliness and people-oriented, the company adopts the process of combining ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO), gives full play to the advanced and efficient characteristics of the process, and takes the principles of clear functional zoning, smooth water flow and convenient management to ensure the stability and standard of effluent. All indicators of the treated effluent of the project have reached a high level, including chemical oxygen demand less than 5mg/l, solid suspended solids less than 1mg/l, turbidity less than 0.1, and pH value between. It is mainly supplied to Asia Pacific Senbo's existing chemical workshop as chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide absorption water and alkali dilution water, and another part is supplied to the existing demineralization station in the enterprise, which is treated by ion exchanger as boiler make-up water

Rizhao No.1 sewage treatment plant is designed to have a daily treatment capacity of 50000 tons, and the designed effluent quality is in line with the discharge standard for pollutants in urban sewage treatment plants, grade I, row B, after embedding. The speed of Asia Pacific Senbo 5 and ring stiffness testing machine should be able to regulate the sewage recycling system. After the completion, the first sewage treatment plant can provide 40000 tons of tail water to the company every day, which not only realizes the water recycling, reduces the sewage discharge, improves the effluent quality standard, but also effectively protects the urban ecological environment

the project is currently under intense construction and is expected to be put into use by the end of this year

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