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Packaging event! South China Packaging Exhibition settled in Yangcheng, the concentration of China's most high-end printing. Relevant data show that South China is one of the four major printing industry bases in the world. There are more than 60000 printing enterprises in the central area of the Pan Pearl River Delta, and the annual output value of the printing industry accounts for about 50% of the country, with huge market purchasing power and broad development prospects

the 21st South China International Printing Industry Exhibition, which lasted for three days, kicked off at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) and the 2014 China International label printing technology exhibition today (March 3)

the largest printing, labeling and packaging exhibition with great industry influence in South China this year. With an exhibition area of 90000 square meters, this exhibition is co sponsored by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. A total of 1200 exhibitors gathered in Yangcheng, with more than 1000 equipment competing on the same stage

many well-known exhibitors held the launch of new products at this exhibition. According to Zhu Yulun, chairman of Yashi exhibition Clothing Co., Ltd., which has practical significance in the development of raw materials for auto parts. It covers printing, labeling, packaging, products, automation and other fields. From the brainstorming of prepress design to the value chain of post press processing, the world-renowned suppliers in the printing industry are Qi Qiliang and Xiangyang City, and the industry elites complement each other

industry giant HP appeared with a gorgeous lineup, among them. Hpindigo is comparable to offset printing, presenting excellent printing quality for the audience and greatly improving production efficiency. At the same time, with the help of digital printing technology, it has expanded its application scope and further extended to the mainstream offset printing market, such as packaging, general commercial printing and publishing, and vigorously developed its business; The full-color printing machine provided by ideal (China) has the characteristics of high-speed printing and low operation cost. The new flash color printing king series is fast and simple, overturning the common sense of previous color printing machines, and can strongly support the color information of high-capacity users; Howei Weiba, Weber bag making machine can produce paper bags or film covered bags of different sizes. With the connection printing machine, its high-speed production capacity not only makes production twice the result with half the effort, but also creates exciting economic benefits. The precise and perfect bag type is a model in the industry; Aiming at the Asian market, Roland/dbe company is the world's first UV Green prepress proofing solution specifically for the packaging and printing industry. This device can not only print on paper and film, but also directly on industrial paper or parts. What physical property tests do toothbrushes need to do before they leave the factory to meet the standards? Printing, high-quality printing and real object proofing with the same color

the organizer cooperates with Wuteng technology company during the exhibition. The 3D printing exhibition area is opened on site to provide the on-site audience with the portrait printing experience, help the development of 3D printing technology, and also build an efficient communication platform for 3D printing equipment suppliers and printing plants

the exhibition site also set up a printing art, culture and creative brand exhibition area, in addition. 20 award-winning star enterprises from the first top ten most competitive printing enterprises and top ten honest printing enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2013 were invited to display award-winning and independent innovation works

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