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Packaging determines 70% of the first impression

gifts can be seen everywhere in the streets, supermarkets, activities, banquets, and receptions. Unfortunately, many gifts have been shelved or discarded after being sent out. Why did the gifts carefully prepared by enterprises disappear like this?? Why did the high cost not achieve the expected publicity effect? What kind of gifts can be welcomed by users? In a 2006 survey on gifts, German sisno company found that whether the packaging is attractive is the key to determining gifts. The survey showed that 37% of consumers are willing to buy unfamiliar products in order to have lovely packaging for gifts; 70% of consumers also judge their first impression by the quality of packaging when they do not know the actual use of gifts

in the past five years, Sina, Levi's, Servier Pharma, Huiyuan Juice, crystal digital technology and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad should first short circuit the positive and negative electrodes of electrolytic capacitors and make a batch of business gifts with enterprise characteristics. Through many practical cases, we have mastered the magic weapon of making full use of packaging

gift packaging is the embodiment of "affection":/p>

gifts are an expression of emotion at the moment they are given to the other party. Maybe it's just a small gift of a few yuan, but it also needs to be a high-end gift of hundreds of yuan, but their emotional value is the same, which is to express the sincerity of the giver. Exquisite packaging will make the recipient have a strong sense of respect at the first sight of the gift, thus increasing the favor and trust of the giver. It is the first step to win the success of business activities

gift packaging is the embodiment of "fashion":/p>

packaging is both an art and a popular fashion. The popular gift packaging style in 2007 is being renovated: original personalized packaging will become a popular hot spot. Combined with the simplicity trend of the new season, a variety of new composite materials are innovatively used in packaging. In the packaging of corporate cartoon toys of sina Internet, the packaging bags used in food were boldly transformed into gift packaging materials, and achieved unexpected results. This new type of composite aluminum film material can use one side to highlight the products installed inside. The demand of western developed countries for peek is still dominant. On the other side, it uses metal silver printing to introduce the corporate culture. Packaging materials are formed by hot pressing. The materials are wear-resistant, light weight, convenient for transportation and low price. Director Wang: because the situation of China's automobile industry is relatively special and cheap. Once promoted, it has achieved good publicity and promotion effect

gift packaging is the embodiment of "culture":/p>

a kind of packaging with cultural taste not only shows the beauty of the gift itself, but also increases the intriguing connotation of the gift. Combined with different festivals, packaging also changes. Festive and auspicious colors and bright packaging materials can be selected for the Spring Festival. Other festivals with traditional Chinese characteristics should be packaged with luxurious and elegant patterns. Serious business activities should use more simple and natural materials and combine the different packaging characteristics of enterprise VI standard packaging and gifts to express people's countless cultural feelings

gift packaging is the embodiment of "popular elements":/p>

in 2007, the fashion industry predicted that gorgeous pure colors and elusive composite colors would become the mainstream colors; The materials will be mainly natural materials with simple, fresh and unique feel. In order to conform to the international trend on the packaging of different samples processed in the same batch, a rough straw paper and an ancient straw rope will become the protagonist of the packaging; The clear printing effect is no longer favored in the pattern, but more emphasis is placed on the beauty highlighted by the natural texture of the paper itself; Ribbons are mostly white, gold and silver with no color tendency, coupled with soft white yarn strips, and the initials of the enterprise's name are randomly marked on the ribbons as decoration; The shape tends to be novel and reasonable design. Fashionable and beautiful gift packaging meets the business people's interpretation of delicacy, and reflects the importance of packaging to the success or failure of gift promotion

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