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Packaging designers have become "hot cakes" in the field of graphic design.

packaging designers have clear career advancement assessment, bright career prospects, more abundant creative time than advertising graphic design, and relatively less work pressure, so they have become hot cakes in the field of graphic design. Packaging design is a traditional graphic design field. Now more and more new products in China are introduced into the market, and there is a trend of packaging advertising, said Puki, a packaging designer

Puki, who graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in graphic design, has a very specific career experience. The design work is to dress and wear hats for specific goods, including toys, jewelry and food. For designers, they should not only meet the requirements of customers, but also adhere to their own aesthetics. It is also a challenge to find a balance. How to make your products more attractive to buy on the shelf? This needs to keep up with the trend. Puki said

in Guangdong, the salary of packaging designers is relatively considerable, but it depends on the specific position. The salary of ordinary designers is about 3000 yuan, and high-end polyolefin products such as 3-yuan copolymer polypropylene film, transparent impact polypropylene and rapid prototyping transparent polypropylene are set to replace the imported products of 205000 tons. The supervisor of the meter will rise to a higher level, between 3000 and 4000. If he can rise to the position of design director, he will be further promoted. Of course, in a more famous large company, the designer's salary will be higher. 3. After sales service can even reach 7000~8000 yuan. Puki said that large enterprises generally have their own set of salary increase evaluation and system. As designers, they should accumulate their own professional experience and strive to be Party A in the human resources market

packaging designers, in addition to customers, are more likely to contact suppliers and printers of packaging materials. Puki said that if you want to become a packaging designer, ability is more important. Generally, the recruitment of design advertising companies is based on works, which can see a person's ability to a large extent

According to Puki, compared with advertising graphic design, packaging designers have more time, because some customers' needs are not so urgent. The design process is mainly to take orders, understand customer needs, do market research, find relevant information of competitors and the current market situation and trend of this type of products, and then start to design. When packaging is launched into the market, it needs to go through a process: printing, cost accounting, inspection of the product itself, recognition of sales channels, review of packaging documents, etc. Therefore, the hydraulic universal testing machine is required to complete the packaging of a product. In the future of metallurgical casting industry, it may be more used in key fields such as military industry than in civil fields for more than a month

at present, there is a great demand for packaging designers. Due to the update of media technology and the progress of digital art, the development of commercial art has been greatly promoted. The reason is not difficult to understand, because no matter how economic, it can not prevent the development of new products. Moreover, the trinity of product packaging (Graphic Design) and publicity will never be broken, that is, as long as there are products, there must be the participation of art design. Moreover, the concept of design has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which can be seen from the information released by various social facilities and publicity media

the principle of simplicity in low-carbon design

puki said that now the design creation also takes low-carbon as the principle. Some packaging boxes on the market are too large, but the contents are very small, which not only wastes resources, but also causes consumers to feel cheated. In the design, Puki tries to use high-tech composite materials to replace glass, metal and other materials. For example, paper plastic composite materials and aseptic packaging technology are used in the packaging of milk and fruit juice drinks, which greatly saves the packaging energy cost, at the same time, it better maintains the flavor and quality of food, and endows it with the beauty of the times. The packaging industry has a huge demand for natural resources. When designing packaging, we should strive to be precise and less, reasonable and concise, and prevent excessive packaging and exaggerated packaging. Puki said

charging recommendation

puki reminds that the promotion examination for packaging designers in 2012 is imminent. The earliest examination time for assistant Packaging Designer (sales major) is April 14. This vocational examination is divided into four levels: Packaging Designer (national vocational qualification level 4), assistant Packaging Designer (national vocational qualification level 3), packaging designer (national vocational qualification level 2), senior packaging designer (national vocational qualification level 1). After obtaining the professional qualification certificate of assistant packaging designer, you can apply to be a packaging designer if you have been engaged in this profession for more than 3 years and have reached the standard class hours after formal training of packaging designer and obtained the completion certificate

after obtaining the professional qualification certificate of packaging designer, you can apply to be a senior packaging designer if you have been engaged in this profession for more than 4 years, have received formal training of senior packaging designer and reached the specified standard class hours, and have obtained the completion certificate

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