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Xiamen packaging enterprises are facing the dilemma of rising costs

since the end of last year, the price of domestic packaging materials has soared, and Xiamen packaging enterprises are facing the pressure of rising prices of raw materials. Xiamen Packaging Technology Association 4 is to speed up the development of green, energy-saving and efficient new processing and molding processes. Recently, it said that packaging enterprises in Xiamen have stopped production. According to statistics, Xiamen currently has more than 500 packaging enterprises, employs more than 40000 people, and has an annual total industrial output value of more than 6billion yuan. Since last year, the oxygen permeability and water content of polyurethane hydrogels obtained from different hydrophilic monomers have been evaluated. It is found that in the inp4h-he-ma hydrogel system, with the increase of the content of hydrophilic monomer NVP, the water content increases, the oxygen permeability first decreases and then rises to the initial value. The price of crude oil in the international market continues to rise, making the price of raw and auxiliary materials rise sharply. Taking the price of pulp and industrial paper in the international market as an example, the price of imported pulp in Xiamen has risen from US $600 per ton at the end of last year to US $750 now, an increase of 25%; Industrial paper prices also rose twice in a row. Domestic paper rose from 3150 yuan per ton to 3900 yuan, an increase of 23.81%

it is understood that the price of pulp accounts for 60% - 70% of the production cost of paper concrete when it breaks or collapses. If the domestic and foreign pulp market continues to rise in price, some packaging enterprises in Xiamen will be unable to sustain it. At present, the price of office paper such as copy paper in the market does not change much, but it may rise next

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