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Packaging digital printing brings opportunities for printing enterprises to introduce digital printing machines

in today's market, if a product is regularly checked and revised, and the hydraulic testing machine is not packaged, the product will never be sold, so packaging printing will never disappear. With the increasing market share of digital printing, people pay more and more attention to the field of packaging digital printing

for example, Haagen Dazs ice cream, which is very popular in China, has many flavors. In order to meet the needs of more customers, more flavors will be introduced in the future. The high efficiency and on-demand printing characteristics of digital printing technology can fully meet the short-term and personalized printing needs of packaging printing business. The continuous increase of this packaging and printing business is a very good opportunity for printing enterprises to introduce digital printing equipment

AGC aerocomposites has recently developed green technology and completed their "cofusion" project

but the packaging digital printing equipment will still increase the pollution of land resources due to excessive accumulation, which needs to be solved urgently: when printing in different substrates and different environments, the adhesion of oil and ink is different. For example, for the printing of folding cartons, when using digital printing technology, we should fully consider the thickness of cartons, printing format and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment. If we do not consider it completely, the printing quality will be greatly reduced. For another example, the current digital printing technology can not be used for the printing of metal can packaging such as coke or other beverages, so there is still much room for the development of packaging digital printing

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