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Packaging discipline and packaging engineering

Wen songbaofeng packaging discipline and packaging engineering 19 said -p according to the international research theory on various disciplines, to become a discipline, there are six conditions: category conditions, treatise conditions, systematic conditions, creative conditions, developmental conditions and testing conditions. Throughout the development of modern packaging for more than half a century, the packaging knowledge system has fully met these six conditions. Therefore, the existence of packaging discipline can be concluded. The so-called discipline category refers to that a discipline should have a clear research object and research scope. The definition of packaging may be different in different countries or different periods, but the meaning of packaging is very clear according to the national standard of our country. From this definition, modern packaging will contain two meanings. If we understand it statically, packaging refers to containers, products, materials and auxiliary materials, that is, all kinds of packaging products provided by packaging enterprises; If understood dynamically, packaging refers to the packaging technology, methods, processing operations and management procedures used to produce 95% of the above-mentioned modified plastics for packaging products in the automotive field. Therefore, packaging does have a clear research object and research scope, which meets the * * conditions of becoming a discipline. The so-called discipline treatise refers to a series of crowd activities of research, communication or education in a discipline, and the publication of representative works. With the recovery and development of the economy after World War II, the international packaging industry has developed rapidly, and a large number of experts and scholars engaged in packaging research, development and education have emerged. At the same time, their outstanding achievements have appeared, and a series of influential representative papers and works have been published successively. For example, the strength and wear resistance of buffer packaging are added through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.) Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface Mechanics, packaging design, packaging evaluation methods, packaging engineering manual, packaging design manual, transportation packaging manual and other books have been published. In addition, many countries have successively formulated packaging standards, design specifications and testing methods for relevant products based on the development of packaging industry and technology. Since the reform and opening up, China's modern packaging industry has also made great achievements, and packaging technology and education have also developed rapidly. In particular, a large number of experts, scholars and professors in packaging scientific research departments, enterprise departments and colleges and universities have devoted themselves to research, worked hard, and constantly made new achievements, publishing and publishing fruitful scientific and technological papers, packaging monographs and packaging textbooks. This fully shows that a series of typical works formed in the development of packaging industry represent the maturity and perfection of the theoretical system of packaging discipline. The so-called discipline system refers to a discipline with relatively independent content, principles or laws, and a discipline system structure that has been formed or is being formed. From the history of packaging development, we can see that the knowledge system of modern packaging has been continuously enriched and gradually improved for more than half a century, and finally formed a knowledge system of modern packaging with inorganic nanoparticles or inorganic particles and organic polyurethane "hybrid bond", which is independent of the systems of other disciplines. In the author's opinion, the knowledge system of packaging discipline is a discipline knowledge system structure in line with the nature of interdisciplinary. Modern packaging discipline includes three major parts: packaging social science, packaging natural science and packaging engineering technology science. The first two belong to the category of basic science, while packaging engineering technology science belongs to the category of Applied Science. Each of these three major university disciplines includes several sub disciplines. Packaging social sciences include packaging management, packaging economics, packaging logistics, packaging psychology, packaging marketing and packaging environment, etc; The natural science of packaging includes packaging materials, packaging dynamics, packaging mechanics, packaging technology, food and drug packaging, military packaging and dangerous goods packaging; Packaging engineering technology science includes transportation packaging design, sales packaging design, packaging process automation, product packaging test and evaluation, anti-counterfeiting packaging technology, packaging recycling technology and packaging cad/cam, etc. The so-called discipline innovation means that a discipline should be original and advanced in its development. In fact, whether it is transportation packaging or sales packaging, a packaging engineer and designer understand the significance of innovation. The market competition is so fierce that products without innovative features will disappear on the shelves. All successful packaging products or packaging design projects must apply advanced technology, form unique ideas, reflect innovative characteristics and give full play to artistic means, so that they can be recognized by the market. Reflected in the discipline construction, we can see that many packaging theory discoveries and design technologies are guiding the technological innovation and product development of packaging enterprises, and promoting the rapid development of the packaging industry. The foresight of the discipline indicates the prediction and guidance of the theoretical system of the discipline to specific production practice. In fact, the development and formation of the packaging discipline makes the high-tech content of packaging products more and more. As the packaging discipline is a comprehensive discipline, it is bound to integrate and penetrate the new theories, new methods, new technologies and new processes of other disciplines into the packaging discipline in its development. For example, packaging materials laser cutting technology, ultra-high barrier packaging materials, intelligent packaging automatic production line, nano composite flexible packaging, computer simulation automatic control, global satellite data system monitoring transportation packaging and digital printing technology, etc. 5、 The development of packaging discipline the so-called discipline development means that a discipline is not simply derived from high-level disciplines or similar disciplines, and its status cannot be replaced by other disciplines. Although the packaging discipline is still a secondary development discipline, it has formed a set of systematic theoretical structure system of packaging discipline. Although this theoretical system integrates the relevant principles and methods of other disciplines, because its theoretical system constitutes an interdisciplinary, it has the disciplinary characteristics that other non interdisciplinary and other interdisciplinary can not replace. Industrial design is an adjacent interdisciplinary subject of packaging. Although the two have similarities, there are fundamental differences. * *, The research object and scope are different. The central problem of industrial design is to have a certain scale of products, while the central problem of packaging is to protect the containers, products and materials of products; Second, the development background and cultural characteristics of the two are different. The development path of industrial design is to gradually move from art design to technical design, and then the two are integrated; The way of packaging development is to gradually move from technical design to artistic design, and then integrate the two. Nevertheless, industrial design and packaging design still have their own characteristics; Third, industrial design and packaging design are inseparable from all kinds of materials, but industrial design emphasizes understanding and mastering the characteristics of materials to meet the modeling requirements of industrial products after correct selection; Packaging should not only understand the properties of various materials, but also understand the process of production of these materials, and develop and study new materials to form the packaging material market. From the above analysis, since industrial design can not replace packaging, let alone other disciplines. 6、 The so-called discipline inspectability of packaging discipline refers to that a discipline can pass the test of a period of time and practice. Since the beginning of modern packaging in the 1930s, it has experienced more than half a century of practice and continuous improvement to basically complete a relatively complete packaging discipline system. The theories and methods of packaging discipline have guided the improvement of scientific and technological level, promoted the development of packaging industry, and have been tested by long-term packaging production practice. The establishment of university degree system is directly related to the formation of discipline theory system. At present, some famous universities in the world not only have a history of Cultivating Master's students in packaging for decades, but also have completed the degree system of doctoral students in packaging at the beginning of the Mao 's. This shows that the development and formation of packaging discipline has not only promoted the development of enterprise economy, but also promoted the cultivation of talents. At the same time, the discipline itself has been enriched and improved in this process. In 1982, American packaging scholar Hanlon wrote in the preface of the book packaging engineering manual edited by him: "the knowledge system that is the theoretical basis of modern packaging technology is forming, and this knowledge system * will surely be among the existing forest of science." Now, it can be said that this prediction of hailun has been realized. Since many colleges and universities established the Department of packaging engineering or the major of packaging engineering, the explanation of the word "packaging engineering" seems to be controversial for a long time. The author believes that since the word "packaging" has been clearly defined, it is possible to reach a consensus by clarifying the word "Engineering" first. According to the above analysis and discussion of packaging discipline, we know that packaging engineering technology is an integral part of packaging university discipline, which is called "packaging engineering" for short, because it actually contains two aspects of science and technology, but the relationship between science and technology is getting closer and closer. Just as the word "Computer Engineering" actually refers to computer science and technology, this is the same as the situation referred to by "packaging engineering". On October 21 last year, President Jiang Zemin made an extremely incisive and profound exposition of Engineering Science and technology in his speech at the International Conference on Engineering Science and technology held in Beijing: "science and technology are * * productive forces, and Engineering Science and technology is an * important factor of * * productive forces." At the same time, it also pointed out that "engineering technology has built a bridge between scientific discovery and industrial development, and is a powerful lever for industrial revolution, economic development and social progress." "Scientific discovery promotes people to form scientific principles in the process of understanding the world, and the mission of Engineering Science and technology is to turn scientific principles into dynamic forces to transform the world". From Chairman Jiang's discussions, we can understand the important position of Engineering Science and technology and the important role it should play. In particular, it should be emphasized that scientific discoveries often cannot or are not easy to be directly transformed into industrial development. Engineering technology plays a bridge role. There have been many cases in history that have confirmed that new discoveries of scientific theories have long been published, but these new discoveries often take a long time to be useful in industrial development or production practice, The reason is that the transformation process can be completed only after the engineering technology reaches a certain level. The so-called "packaging engineering" refers to the science and technology of packaging. In the sense of discipline construction, packaging engineering means to apply the basic principles and scientific discoveries of basic science related to packaging to solve various problems of specific production practice and product project development in the development of packaging industry. In general, packaging engineering should play a bridge and intermediary role between scientific theory and enterprise production. Knowing and understanding "packaging engineering" in this way can not only give packaging enterprises a new impetus in technological innovation, but also provide guiding ideology for colleges and universities to cultivate new packaging engineering talents. President Jiang Zemin also pointed out: "it can be expected that the 21st century will be a century of further rapid development of science and technology, especially engineering science and technology. Therefore, people engaged in packaging engineering will be full of confidence and work hard

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