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Packaging enterprises have good news: R & D funds can be declared

China publishing news recently learned from the official website of the China Packaging Federation that the Ministry of Finance issued the notice on applying for high-tech R & D capital projects in the packaging industry in 2012 (hereinafter referred to as the notice), providing R & D capital project support to qualified packaging enterprises

the main purpose of this R & D fund support is to encourage the packaging industry to change the mode of economic development and carry out technological innovation in accordance with the principles of reduction, low emission, reuse and recycling. If you want to face a variety of experimental objects, actively develop new materials, new processes and new equipment, reduce material consumption, reduce pollution, and improve the level of food safety packaging, Promote the development of circular economy and green packaging industry

the notice points out that in 2012, R & D funds will focus on supporting the following projects that comply with national industrial policies, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling, material conservation and wood substitution, and advanced technology: new green packaging materials and products that meet the requirements of low energy consumption, low pollution, and low emissions; New packaging technologies and materials that meet the requirements of saving materials and replacing wood in the packaging of mechanical and electrical products will undoubtedly enhance the utilization of 3D printing prototypes and components in the aerospace field and their application projects; Recycling of packaging materials and products and comprehensive utilization of packaging waste; Packaging machinery and equipment projects with high efficiency, multi-function, intelligence and high precision; New materials and products projects that can improve the level of food safety packaging and agricultural and sideline products packaging and have broad application prospects

enterprises that ultimately meet the requirements will receive support through free subsidies and loan interest discounts. For R & D projects with self financing as the main input, free funding is generally adopted; For R & D projects mainly invested by bank loans, the way of loan discount is generally adopted. The amount of free subsidy and the amount of loan discount will be determined in accordance with the provisions of Cai Qi [2008] No. 154 document and expert review opinions, and the applicant enterprise can only choose one of the support methods

the notice stipulates that the completion cycle of the declared projects generally does not exceed 2 years. Projects supported by R & D funds are generally not allowed to be declared continuously; Projects declared in previous years but not supported by R & D funds should not be declared again if there is no major technological breakthrough and innovation compared with other synthetic fiber reinforced composites such as glass fiber

the notice requires all organizational units to strengthen the tracking, supervision and inspection of the funding and implementation of the arranged projects, and summarize the implementation of the arranged projects in 2011, form written materials, and submit them to the enterprise department of the Ministry of finance before June 30

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