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Rational analysis of corn harvester market

at present, the level of machine sowing of corn in China has reached 60%, accounting for 56.9%; The machine harvesting level of equipment with a journey of 901 ~ 1100mm is only 6.8%, and the machine harvesting level has become the bottleneck restricting the whole process mechanization of corn. Corn harvesting and straw treatment have become the most arduous physical labor of farmers in northern China. According to the statistics of relevant departments, manual harvesting (including ear picking, cutting and straw transportation) requires at least 5 working days/mu. Based on 30 yuan/man day, the harvest cost of corn is at least 150 yuan/mu. In many places, farmers burn corn straw, causing serious environmental pollution

it is understood that at present, a large number of rural young and middle-aged labor force have turned to non-agricultural industries, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of seed and harvest rush in the busy farming season, mainly relying on human and animal labor. It is urgent to speed up the development of corn harvesting mechanization. In 2005, the state began to provide pilot subsidies for corn harvesters, and in 2008, it provided nationwide purchase subsidies in the field of non tire utilization

product development trend single row knapsack corn harvester will be gradually eliminated, multi row (3 ~ 4) knapsack corn harvester will be the preferred model in recent years, self-propelled corn combine harvester will be the mainstream model in the future, and will occupy the mainstream market in 3 ~ 5 years

the current mainstream model is a 4-line machine, which will develop to a large-scale, professional and intelligent model with more than 6 lines. In some suitable areas, the self-propelled direct threshing corn combine harvester is the ultimate development direction

enterprise competition trend with the accession of agricultural machinery giants such as Futian, Shifeng, Yituo, Longgong, the increase of actual demand, and the guidance of national macro policies, the corn harvester market will soon end its high-speed growth period. Market share will quickly concentrate on large enterprise groups, and some enterprises with fast development, core advantages and strong comprehensive strength will survive. The technical level, product quality and service of the corn harvesting industry will be improved as a whole, and users will get more benefits and values from jc411 (9) 1 cement sawdust board

corn planting in China

the spring sowing corn area in the north is dominated by three provinces in Northeast China, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, and the planting area has stabilized at more than 6.5 million hectares after the change of mechanical and electrical speed, accounting for about 36% of the country; The total output is more than 27 million tons, accounting for about 40% of the country

the summer sown corn area in the Huang Huai Hai Plain is dominated by Shandong and Henan, with a planting area of about 6 million hectares, accounting for about 32% of the country, and a total output of about 22 million tons, accounting for about 34% of the country

the Southwest Mountainous corn region is dominated by Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou, accounting for about 22% of the country and about 18% of the total production

the southern hilly corn region is dominated by Guangdong, Fujian, Taiwan, Zhejiang and Jiangxi. The planting area is 6% of the country, and the total output is less than 5%

northwest irrigated corn region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and parts of Gansu Province. The planting area accounts for about 3.5% of the country, and the total output accounts for about 3%

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